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Current Research

  • Model development and assessments of renewable energy integration into electricity grids; studies on solar and wind fluctuations and synergies
  • Critical energy materials; resource assessment
  • Establishing the environmental profile of photovoltaic technologies through independent, data-based analyses in collaboration with recognized life-cycle professionals in Europe.
  • Risk and LCA based comparisons of solar electric and conventional energy technologies in collaboration with several European and Latin American institutions.

Renewable Energy Grid Integration: Technical & Environmental Systems Analyses

Optimization of Energy Storage Units (ESU) for PV Ramp-rate Control Based on Actual PV Performance

Overview of a Software Tool under development

The Life Cycle of PV Systems

(Fthenakis and Kim, MRS Symposium G: Life Cycle Analysis Tools for 'Green" Materials and Process Selection, Nov. 2005, Boston, MS).

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Energy Life Cycles: GHG estimates

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Energy Life Cycles: Land Use Estimates

Recycling of Photovoltaics

  • Experimental research on recovery of Cd, Te, Se and In from photovoltaic and electronic spent products.
  • Collaborating with PV companies in designing pilot plant operations for the recovery of Cd, Te, Cu, In, Ge, Ag and glass from PV manufacturing scrap and spent modules.