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Future Research Topics
  • Life cycle analysis of nano-materials for solar cell applications.
  • Energy and emission assessments in the life cycles of metal production (i.e., mining, transporting, smelting, refinining, recycling).
  • Assess the attribution of life cycle emissions in metals production among the various countries involved.
  • LCA of specific installed PV systems.
  • Development of a risk-based system for evaluating life-cycle externalities of conventional and new sources of energy.
  • Development of technology for recovering indium from electronic products.
  • Comparative assessment of Life-cycle energy and environmental impacts of various carbon management options.
  • LCA of coupled power generation and storage systems (e.g., PV with batteries, flywheels or supercapacitators, CSP with Thermal Storage, PV with CAES)
  • Grid Integration Systems Analysis
  • Development of hourly and intra-hour unit commitment and Dispatch Models